If you’re not staying in front of your customers then you run the risk of losing them… and in this day and age there is no excuse for getting out of contact…



How do you stay in front of your current patients?

How do you stay in front of your past patients?

How do you stay in front of prospective patients that you’ve met at events?

If the answer to any of those questions is “I DON’T,” then right now is your time to start.

Consistent contact with current and prospective customers is considered by experts in business and marketing to be absolutely essential

There are many ways to maintain contact and stay on the top of your audience’s mind…

But what if I told you there is one way to stay in contact with your current, past and prospective patients that is FAST, EFFECTIVE and almost FREE!?

It’s called Email Marketing and if you aren’t using it (and doing it the right way with custom emails from you not generic emails sent on your behalf from a 3rd party company) then you’re getting left behind in the evolution of marketing your practice.


Have an upcoming referral promotion, patient appreciation day or any other event that current patients need to know about? Now they will every time.
Let prospective know about upcoming new patient specials and promotions.
Got a new product or service you want to promote or having a big sale on current inventory to move it a little faster? Get it into their inbox in a flash!
Do you or are you getting ready to roll out a new weight loss or nutritional service? Have new diagnostic or treatment equipment you want to promote? This is the way to do it.
Quickly notify patients about upcoming closures, hours changes, etc
Have exercise or nutritional information everyone can benefit from? Share it!
For me personally, Being able to slowly inform and align patients into my philosophy about how to view ‘real’ health and the role chiropractic has in maintaining optimal wellness is one of the most important and satisfying uses for sending out emails to my patients AND prospective patients.

You Can’t Move a Mountain in a Day – So Why Try?

For most people when they learn something new that doesn’t have a great amount of interest to them (i.e. removing nerve interference so innate can heal the body), they will either

  1. Ignore it
  2. Try to comprehend it until they get confused and then ignore it

All too often I have had clients that try to take a patient from their allopathic pain based mindset about health – which most people learn since birth – and move them into an understanding and acceptance of prevention and removal of subluxations as a key to a long healthy life.

Well…we know the importance; but expecting our patients to see it the same way after one kick-ass consultation or passionate new patient workshop is just not reality.

Through the power of drip marketing, or drip education as it would be in this instance, you now have the ability to provide your customers with small parts of the big picture so they can comprehend and retain your message much easier.

That is what short customized emails to your customers will allow you to do – stay in front of your customers with promotions, philosophy and anything else you believe it is important for your clients to know.

How do I Qualify to help you with Email Marketing?

My name is Dr. Daron Stegall and along with Dr. Troy Counselman we have maintained one of the longest standing free chiropractic business management and marketing blogs in the profession called

We also authored 3 best-selling chiropractic books including Ultra Success in the Business of Chiropractic (rated 11 out of 10 by the reviewers at Dynamic Chiropractic), trained hundreds of chiropractors and created many popular chiropractic business and marketing products including our flagship program called

But even more importantly than anything above is the fact that I have used email marketing for more than 10 years to grow 12 practices including the current practice that was just opened in the middle of last year.

You may be saying… “well hang on, shouldn’t I just outsource this service?” or “I already outsourced it…isn’t that good enough?”

The answer is NO … It’s not good enough.

While companies that send out mass emails for customers are consistent in the timing and look of their product, they lose the one key factor that will get active and prospective patients to take interest in your emails and take action once they open them.


While your patients and prospective patients will likely open and peruse the first couple generic and way too lengthy email newsletters that a big company sends out for you, it doesn’t take them very long to get bored with the mundane information it contains and lack of personalized touch that is very apparent.


They WILL however open emails that have to do with you, your staff, your philosophy or anything else that is personalized…not generic.

I will teach you and your staff how to quickly create emails that

  1. Get opened
  2. Get your customers or prospective customers to take action

I’ll even show you how to get them pre-set so that every time you put a new email address into your contact list it will start an automated email release. You can’t get much easier than that.

And we are so confident about the growth impact email marketing will have on your practice that we offer a no-risk, no-questions asked Money Back Guarantee. Check out a couple of the short videos and if you don’t like it…shoot me an email and I’ll refund your money.

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked. Period

The Effective Email Marketing Made Simple is a straight to the point blueprint that shows you how to set up your email campaign from A to Z including

  1. How to gather emails from patients and non-patients so you can quickly build a list
  2. What to include in the email newsletters and shorter updates
  3. What to include in the email newsletters and shorter updates
  4. When to send the email newsletters out and when to send shorter updates out
  5. How often you should market to your email list so you don’t burn it out
  6. How to set up the emails so they go out automatically!... and much more

With Email Marketing you will Never Lose Contact with your current and potential customers again.

When it comes to using email marketing to promote your practice and educate your patients, there are only 2 groups of chiropractors. Those that are doing it and those that should be doing it.

This is your time to get this critical part of promoting your practice up to speed and do it the right way – The way that really gets results as only custom personalized emails can yield.

And we let you give it a try RISK FREE.

THE REALITY OF MARKETING: Marketing is evolving faster than most of us can keep up. Some of it works and much of it doesn’t. A quick and easy to send email is one of those marketing evolutions that does work.

How else are you able to reach virtually your entire patient base AND your prospective patients with whatever message or promotion you want to notify them about and do it at such a minimal cost or even for free.

We even show you which email marketing service to use. A service that is the top in the industry, super easy to use once we show you how, and you can start for free (Note: It’s less than $20 a month after your 60 day trial period). Now that’s some seriously cost effective marketing.

Gathering email contacts and sending out personalized emails is an essential of modern marketing methods

And now you have the opportunity to cut out the learning curve and dive right in through the easy to follow training videos that you can literally follow along with to get your first email on its way in a matter of minutes.


Video 1
(9 minutes): Introduction & Gathering Contacts
Nonintrusive yet Effective Ways to Collect email addresses from…
- New Patients
- Existing Patients
- Prospective Patients met at events
*This is how you build a big list of contacts quickly!
Video 2

(8 minutes): Email Marketing Options
The value in creating your Own Custom Emails VS using a service

The 2 most EFFECTIVE days and hours to send out emails- (Sending them other times is often a waste of time)
Video 3

(7 minutes): Creating the Perfect Custom Email Campaign
The ‘short & simple formula’ that ensures your contacts OPEN and READ your emails!

Learn the Email Subject Lines that catch your audiences’ attention and skyrocket the email open rate

Proven methods to make your emails 80% more appealing
Video 4

(16 minutes): Creating the Perfect Custom Email Campaign – Continued
Understanding the ‘Value Email’ to ‘Selling Email’ ratio – Most businesses focus too heavily on selling and burn out their list.
The right ratio is critical

Learn to sell products directly through your emails with Affiliate Marketing

Where to find great content for your emails (this makes creating great emails even easier)
Video 5

(10 minutes): Content to Include in Emails
Discover the best GO TO resources for email content

How to create promotional emails that get new patients in the door.
*If your emails don’t build your practice then it isn’t email marketing!

9 Essential Do’s and Don’ts that guarantee Email Marketing Success


This training includes everything you need to get set up and get your first email out by the end of today.

AND to ensure you don’t get snagged up when learning to create and send your emails, I have also created 4 demonstration videos for you to follow…

Demo Video #1:
Adding Email Addresses to Your Contact List – Watch me add contacts into a brand new account AND set up the automated welcome email your new contacts will get
Demo Video #2:
How to Create an EMAIL UPDATE – This is the shorter email that you will use most often
Demo Video #3:
How to Create an EMAIL NEWSLETTER – This is the longer email version that you will use when you have more to share with your audience
Demo Video #4:
Creating a Specialty Email – Birthday emails, special announcements and more

We don’t want you wasting time trying to figure out how to create these emails so we show it to you step by step. We take out all the Guesswork!

And in addition to demo videos on sending out your email newsletters and updates, I created a Bonus Video that alone is worth the cost of this entire training… It’s chiropractic Autoresponders.

Once you have these Autoresponder Emails set up, every time you add an email address to your contact list these emails begin going out immediately at the interval you set.

I give you those day intervals so your email list gets them at just the right pace.

Now it definitely doesn’t get any more hands off and easy than that!

As a second BONUS I have created a Marketing Action Plan (MAP) for Email Marketing that you can pull up and simply follow from step 1, to 2, to 3 and so on.

This way you have a super simple step by step guide to refer back to as needed verses watching the videos again.

This All Sounds Great… But What’s the Price

Doctors have paid us thousands to learn our marketing systems. And of those systems, email marketing is hands down the most cost effective type of practice promotion we teach.

And right now is your chance to get this training at a fraction of the regular cost of $499.
And the best part is we are not locking you into some service that requires an ongoing monthly fee. You pay a onetime cost to learn this skill and then you will never have to pay a company to do it for you.

We are teaching you this skill so you can take control of this part of your marketing. It’s way too important to leave this up to someone else. And also way too quick and easy to be paying someone to handle this for you month after month!

And, for this entire well organized and easy to follow video training that you can literally follow along with while you set up your email campaign, we have decided to set the price at $247 so everyone can afford it. That’s more than 50% off the regular cost.

Simply click the big ‘Add to Cart’ button below and you are moments away from learning what the best marketers consider to be one of the most critical marketing skills every business must know.

Don’t fall behind in the evolution of promoting your practice. Email Marketing is too effective and easy to just put your head in the sand and ignore it or leave it up to some company to handle…a company that will never have as great of interest in your success as you do.

It’s all here, everything you need to get email marketing set up for the first time OR even to streamline and improve the effectiveness of your current email marketing campaigns.

And do it at lightning speed, without the hassle of trying to figure it out on your own by watching a bunch of tutorial videos that aren’t even remotely related to the chiropractic industry.

AND you have access to it all at more than 50% off the price that some of our most successful clients at Patients to Profits suggested we change when we polled them on what they felt was a fair cost.

Please keep in mind that this IS a Time Sensitive Offer and that there is a Money Back Guarantee.

Click the ‘Add to Cart’ button below to get started. The sooner you understand and implement Effective Email Marketing into your practice, the sooner you will be on your way to a consistently staying on the top of your patients’ and prospective patients’ minds.

Act now so you are ready to email before that next big announcement or clinic marketing event!

To Your Success!

Daron Stegall, DC