Here’s How to Tap into a Whole New Market of
Potential Patients that you Would Otherwise
Never Have Access To…

This is your chance to diversify your practice and set yourself apart
from other docs in your community



Have you felt the crunch that is being put on chiropractic by the insurance companies?

Is your traditional marketing not yielding the same results as it once did?

Have you been thinking about diversifying your practice with other complementary services?

If you feel like your practice is stuck in neutral and in need of a new direction or if you are just ready to expand to the next level, adding massage to your chiropractic clinic may just be the answer you are looking for.

As a matter of fact, of the more than 1000 chiropractors that responded to our 2011 survey, Adding Massage as a billable treatment option was the top practice expansion option that doctors had interest in for their clinic, followed closely by Private-Pay Massage services.

Check this out:

If you already have massage therapists (MTs) in your practice then you are no doubt sold on the incredible impact that massage coupled with chiropractic can have on the treatment response, satisfaction with care and overall health of your patients.

But what about generating massive income and bigger marketing results – are you utilizing them to full capacity in these ways?

If no or you’re just not sure, then read on…

First of all…Who am I and How do Qualify to Help you With Adding This Service?


My name is Dr. Daron Stegall and along with Dr. Troy Counselman we have maintained one of the longest standing free chiropractic business management and marketing blogs in the profession called

We also authored 3 best-selling chiropractic books including Ultra Success in the Business of Chiropractic (rated 11 out of 10 by the reviewers at Dynamic Chiropractic) and created several popular internet based consulting and chiropractic marketing products including what has quickly become our flagship program called

Patients To Profits is the most complete chiropractic success system on the market that shows you how to train your staff and yourself, market your practice and even expand your practice into additional services and locations.

See what a few of your colleagues are saying:

But even more importantly than anything above is that fact that we have actually used massage to generate millions of dollars in additional profits in our own practices as well as those of our consulting clients.

Almost 12 years ago, I hired my first massage therapist and boosted profits that same year by almost 40% over the previous year.

I can remember sitting down with Troy and reviewing the numbers and saying “we gotta get more therapists….”

Within the next year we had 3 therapists added and were building out space to accommodate our newly discovered gold mine.

Since that time, I continued to actively employ 20 to 30 massage therapists at any given time across 9 clinics and in total I have employed and managed nearly 200 massage therapists. And this is in my own clinics.

This doesn’t include the consulting clients that I have assisted in adding massage services into their clinics.

I have seen massage take practices from the brink of death to a thriving business model just as much as I’ve seen it propel an already profitable practice to the next level of income.

I strongly believe it’s important for you to know my history and success with massage so that you understand this is NOT PIE IN THE SKY THEORY ABOUT HOW AND IF MASSAGE CAN GROW YOUR PRACTICE.

I am a chiropractor, just like you, that has a passion for helping other chiropractors find better success.

I still practice and am actually in the process of opening another clinic, with massage of course, as I am writing this.

So, rest assured that what I am telling you and teaching you about incorporating massage into your practice is time-tested and based on personal experience not only in my own clinics but in hundreds of other clinics as well.

Troy and I take the responsibility of helping doctors shape and grow into their ideal practices as something very serious.

It’s also why we offer a no-risk, no-questions asked Money Back Guarantee on all our programs and products. We are colleagues and we should treat each other as such. You don’t need to own something that you don’t feel fits your practice or just philosophically don’t align with.

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked. Period

The Making Money with Massage System is a no-fluff, no-BS blueprint that shows you how to

  • Implement Massage the right way
  • Find, Hire and Train MTs
  • Effectively use Massage as a private pay service
  • Use MTs under the doctor and get paid by insurance
  • Market with Massage with the highest possible effectiveness.
    **I’m talking both EXTERNAL and INTERNAL Marketing here.


Plain and simple, our goal with anything we create is to give you the tools and guidance that will lead you towards the life that you always envisioned for yourself and your family.

And let’s face if, for many doctors, if they keep going down the same road, trying to make money the same way without adding additional profit centers, they are going to end up stagnant.

I don’t care if you see 10 or 100 patients a day or collect $8,000 or $80,000 a month, it’s essential that you take the steps that put your practice in a better position for continued growth and stability.

This is what adding massage to your practice will help you accomplish.

If you have ever considered adding massage to your practice, whether to pull it out of stagnation or take it to a new level of success and profits, this program is where you will start and finish.

And we let you give it a try RISK FREE.

REALITY CHECK: Look, to get to the level of knowledge in how to hire, train, incentivize, market and profit from Massage and Massage Therapists takes years of trial and error and expense. I know…I did it the hard way!

You now have the opportunity to learn is from someone who has successfully implemented massage in his own clinics and helped hundreds of other doctors do the same.

This in-depth video training series walks you through a systematized process for adding massage in a clear and concise manner using short easy to digest videos that you can watch and implement in the same day.

Check out this short summary of what’s included:

Video 1 (14minutes): Introduction

  • Why add Massage AND the Benefits you should be expecting when you do. (Two of the benefits are More Money and More Free Time…)
  • What to watch out for so you don’t overpay for an MT or get ‘burned’ – This alone is worth your investment in this program

Video 2 (19 minutes): Finding, Hiring and Training

  • How to find qualified MTs for FREE
  • Employment options that save you Money – Full Time or Part Time? Employee or Independent Contractor?
  • Interview Tips that ensure you find the Best Candidates
  • Training Packet: *Outlining the Office Policies, Treatment Protocols, Dress Code, Tipping and more. You don’t want to miss any of this and learn its importance the hard way.

Video 3 (25 minutes): Private Pay Massage & Using MT as CA

  • How to set pricing and More Importantly…INTRODUCTORY PRICING
  • Forms Required
  • Setting Up VIP Programs for Clients
  • How to use your MT as a CA the right way and get Paid
  • Understanding what the MT can and can’t do when Working under the Doctor. (It’s critical to know the MTs treatment limitations)
  • How to keep your office and MTs Compliant

Video 4 (5 minutes): Using MTs to reactivate patients

  • Using the power of Massage to Reactivate Old Patients back into your Office(The MTs make the calls so your office manager can focus on other tasks)

Video 5 (7 minutes): Overview

  • Using Massage to Break Down Marketing Barriers
  • The 2 Formulas for Using Massage to Tap into the New Patient Pools


Video 6 (22 minutes): External Event Marketing

  • Where are the most Effective Places to Use Massage
  • How to Structure your Massage based Event for Maximum ‘Pull’ of New Patients
  • Setting goals for the MTs to Get Them Fired Up!
  • The RIGHT WAY capture prospective patient info so you get it every time
  • How You and Your MT should discuss your services for a solid one-two punch that makes people truly desire a consult in your office
  • How to do events with AND without the Chiropractor Present.  (You can stay and see patients while your MTs market – WHY DOES THIS WORK? …Because these guys are trained to do marketing as part of their schooling!!)
  • The correct way to follow up with prospects from any event for maximal sign ups


Video 7 (25 minutes): Internal Promotional Massage

  • The Psychology behind what makes Internal Massage Marketing so effective.  (Once you understand this Scarcity and Value Principles you will be unstoppable)
  • How to use Massage as what is likely the Most Successful Patient Referral Strategy you will Ever Use
  • The Entire Process outlined step by step on how to take a promotional massage person from Prospect to Patient


Video 8 (6 minutes): Increasing Patient Compliance

  • Using Massage to Boost Perceived Value of Care
  • The power of Increased Accountability on patient follow through
  • The ‘Pleasure Gain’ Principle


Video 9 (5 minutes): Canvassing with your MT

  • MTs Expect to do this and are even Trained on this! It’s a no-brainer for them

Not only does this program include short to the point videos covering everything you need to safely, efficiently and profitably add massage to your practice, but it also includes all the training and marketing materials required. We don’t want you wasting time trying to figure out how to create these forms and marketing materials so we did it for you.

As a BONUS, I have had all videos converted into transcripts professionally edited and complete with the video slides. This makes learning and implementing easier and quicker than ever.

AND as a REDICULOUS BONUS… I have included 3 Quick Start Marketing Action Plans (MAPs) that are complete step by step marketing guides complete with pre-made marketing materials you can add your name on and print. 

The 3 MAPs included with your purchase are..

Chair Massage Event - Setup & Screening

Massage Marketing  - Internal Certificate Push

Massage Marketing - New Client Special

These MAPs are normally only available in our highly acclaimed Chiropractic Marketing Dominator program but today they are yours free when you purchase the Making Money with Massage System.


 So Now What?

By now you see the value in this program that will show you the quickest and most effective methods to make money with massage, so you’re just saying “Yeah, Yeah Daron…What’s the Price?!”

Well, considering the amount of time, experience and money it took to learn these systems and create this program, the Making Money with Massage System would be a smoking deal at $499.

After all, tapping into a market that likely no other chiropractor in your community is even touching, or at least not effectively marketing to with massage, is well worth the price tag.

However, for this entire well organized and easy to follow video training, complete with fully transcribed and edited PDFs of each video that include pictures of every video frame, all the MT training and marketing reference materials, and MAP bonuses we have decided to set the price at $299 for the entire program. That’s a savings of over 40%!

Simply click the ‘Get Access Now’ button below and you are moments away from a program that could easily have the biggest positive impact on your patient numbers and income of anything else you have tried…EVER!

Click the 'Get Access Now' button below to get the entire
Making Money with Massage System at the special introductory price of $299

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It’s all here, everything you need to get massage implemented and profitable at lightening speed, without the expense and hassle of trying to figure it out on your own.

AND you have access to it all at more than 40% off the price that some of our most successful clients at Patients to Profits suggested we charge when we polled them on what they felt was a fair cost.

It’s our business to give you the edge in becoming a stable and highly profitable chiropractic business. And when you think about how competitive it is in our industry and how many chiropractors are closing their doors and just accepting their fate, you quickly realize that not diversifying with additional profit centers is just not an option.

Please keep in mind that this IS a Time Sensitive Offer and that there is a Money Back Guarantee.

Click the ‘Get Access Now' button to get started. The sooner you understand and implement the Making Money with Massage System, the sooner you will be on your way to a new stream revenue in your practice.

By clicking the button to the right, you will be taken toa secure purchase page where you can get the entire Making Money with Massage System for a specialintroductory one time price of only $299

And don’t forget about the special bonuses you’ll receive and all at this special introductory price.

Act now so you can tap into your local market before other chiropractors in your area do!

To your success!

Daron Stegall, DC


DISCLAIMER: SuccessfulChiro and Patients to Profits has the right to raise the price back to the already great value of just $499 at any time. Click the red button above to see if the special offer pricing is still available. There is no physical product to wait on as you will gain instant access to the after purchase

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