Finally, A Simple System that Really Works for
Quickly Getting Missed and No-Show
Appointments Back on the Books...

Whether they've been Missing-In-Action for 2 Days or 2 Years...this proven protocol gives your staff a fool-proof system for getting M.I.A. patients back on the schedule more effectively than ever. AND it can be implemented in any type of office and with any type of scheduling system


Every clinic has patients that

Regardless of 'HOW' and 'WHY'... when patients fall off the schedule they are no longer getting the care they need and you are no longer making the income you need.

And as the deductibles climb and reimbursement decreases, keeping your current patients on the books and on their treatment plan has never been more critical for building and maintaining a profitable practice.

It's for this reason that having easy and well organized steps for your staff to follow with each patient from the day they go missing until they are rescheduled is more essential to have in place than ever.

If you schedule patients (regardless of if they're PI, major med, work comp or cash) and you don't have a system in place that ensures NO PATIENT IS LEFT BEHIND then you are losing money AND I strongly believe also doing a diservice to your patients.

Even for clinics that do have their staff follow up with patients that fall off the schedule, in almost every clinic I work with the staff is making it way too hard on themselves and not having nearly the success they could be if they were just using a proven formula.

In our 2011 Chiropractic Survey, an effective and easy to implement Patient Recall and Reactivation Protocol was one of the most requested training subjects for improving practice performance.

Look, you have staff that is (hopefully) already busting their humps every day to schedule and reschedule patients.

In other words they’re already putting forth the effort. It is THE WAY they are putting forth the effort that is the problem.

By implementing a simple Recall and Reactivation system that is MORE ORGANIZED it makes them more EFFICIENT. When they are more efficient they of course get more done in a shorter amount of time.

Ding!! saved

After all, you're paying them the same whether it's in a haphazard efforts or using a pinpoint protocol so you might as well get the most out of each hour.

In the same respect, it’s also just as important that this same Recall and Reactivation system makes their efforts MORE EFFECTIVE which results in a greater income for the clinic and more patients helped through the power of chiropractic adjustments.

Plain and simple…

An effective Recall and Reactivation system is essential if you want to spend less on marketing and get more out of your front office.

And I don’t mean that in a negative way when I say ‘get more out of your front office.’ I am a firm believer that the front office is the single most important position in any clinic. They are the quarterback of the team.

But as we all know, if the quarterback doesn’t execute the plays well then the rest of the team suffers and the game is lost.

The reality is that the front office MUST perform their tasks efficiently and effectively or else they

  1. Inadvertently prevent the practice from growing
  2. Won’t be happy in their jobs because they will be frustrated (this then magnifies #1)

A lack of proper doctor and STAFF protocols

– and training on those protocols – is the #1 hurdle to success

Over the last 10 years, Dr. Troy Counselman and I have not only helped thousands of chiropractors through our products and consulting, but we have also maintained one of the longest standing free chiropractic business management and marketing advice columns in the profession ( – actually 13 years and counting.

Beyond that we have authored best-selling chiropractic books including Ultra Success in the Business of Chiropractic (rated 11 out of 10 by the reviewers at Dynamic Chiropractic) and created several popular internet based business and marketing products including what has quickly become our flagship program called Patients to Profits – The Complete Chiropractic Success System (

And through all that training and experience, we have deduced one valuable piece of information that you’ve got to understand and take seriously to really succeed – Your staff MUST follow a proven ‘system’ or ‘protocol’ for certain key aspects of your practice or you will not grow to your full potential. Period!

And when it comes to 'not losing patients' and keeping the schedule full, The Ultimate Patient Recall & Reactivation Protocol will provide you and your staff THAT PROVEN SYSTEM.

Check out what a couple of docs had to say…

In my 17 years of practice I have never seen a reactivation process that has it all. The training has everything. I am excited to get the system launched in my office
- Gary Rademacher, DC 

The program is awesome! It's all here, no need to reinvent the wheel. A turn key program that will help you unlock a valuable resource that is already in your practice. Great return on your investment!
- Louis D'Amico, DC

You may be saying to yourself right now. ‘Hang on a minute Daron, if I try to implement all this change my staff will come unglued!’ - I understand that. Remember I have worked one-on-one with hundreds and even thousands of office managers and front office staff personnel.

And in almost every case they are a little reluctant.


Because they are afraid I will implement the scary thing called change.

People don’t like change.

But here’s the really cool part. Once your staff makes this simple change and see that they can get more done for you in less time, with less effort and with better results another change occurs.

A miraculous one.

They get FIRED UP!!

Why? Because they see how much more effective they are going to be at their job and how much time and frustration they are about to shave off of their main job…KEEPING YOUR SCHEDULE FULL.

Dr. Spence in San Diego says he’s comfortable having any one of his staff members use this system. It’s that easy to understand and implement!

In case you've never worked with us or used any of our practice building systems before, it's important for you to know that Troy and I take the responsibility of helping doctors very seriously.

Plain and simple, our goal with anything we create is to give you the tools and guidance that will lead you towards a busier practice and the life that you always envisioned for yourself and your family.

It’s also why we offer a no-risk, no-questions asked Money Back Guarantee on all our programs and products.  We don't want you to own something that doesn’t fit your practice or that you just don’t feel will work.

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked

Whether you see 8 or 80 patients a day, in these economic times we all need systems that put the clinic in a position where it can spend less and make more.

This is exactly what The Ultimate Patient Recall & Reactivation Protocol will help you accomplish.

And we let you give it a try RISK FREE.

Check out this short summary of what’s included:



Not only does this program include everything you need to effectively and efficiently keep your schedule loaded up with active patients, but it also includes all the reference materials you need including CALL SCRIPTS, LETTERS, POSTCARDS AND MORE.

Why do we go this extra mile? Simply because we believe that it's just not a good use of your time or the staff's time to be making shot-in-the-dark decisions when trying to figure out what to say on Recalls or what to say or send on Reactivation efforts.

And to ensure you have every tool needed to get this protocol into place within a day or two, I have had all the videos converted into transcripts professionally edited and complete with the video slides.

This makes learning and implementing eaiser and quicker than ever.

And as a BONUS... I have included an entire section out of the highly acclaimed Patients to Profits system called The Power of Plastic.

The Power of Plastic shows you how to create and use a plastic gift or 'credit' card in your clinic to reactivate patients, thank customers for their patronage, give away as contest prizes and more.

Get REFERRALS from existing patients

REACTIVATE old patients (ties right into the Reactivation Protocol)

Garner GOODWILL and increased visits through random acts of kindness

SAY THANK YOU to patients for referring in friends and family

It’s an awesome marketing angle that is inexpensive to set up and it works!
$129 value - yours FREE.

As an additional BONUS I have included 3 MAPs that are only available in the Chiropractic Marketing Dominatorprogram. M.A.P. stand for Marketing Action Plan - short, to the point, no-fluff roadmaps that you or a team member will use to get the marketing system in place and working for you as quickly as possible.

MAP 1: Patient Reactivation- Clinic ‘Credit’ Card

Brings the ‘Power of Plastic’ and the ‘Patient Reactivation Protocol’ together into one powerful (yet short and easy to follow) reactivation campaign summary. Just follow this 2 page outline bullet by bullet and have your credit card reactivation campaign launched in no time!

MAP 2: Visit Update with Reactivation Protocol

Nowadays, virtually all patients have a certain number of visits granted to them by their insurance company. Whether it’s 5 or 50(I wish!) visits, a great way to keep your schedule plump is to maximize patient visits by reminding them in a variety of ways where they are in their allotted number of visits for their insurance plan year. Perfect campaign for when you need income shot-in-the-arm!

MAP 3: Patient Survey and Reactivation Protocol (One of our MOST popular reactivation campaigns! This MAP alone is valued at $69)

The only way to truly improve your practice is by knowing what patients really think about your practice – why they stay and why they strayed? This MAP gives the steps for creating and distributing patient surveys and gaining the invaluable insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your clinic and why patients do or do not follow your treatment plans and refer friends and family. Gather all this information while at the same time reactivating patients who have dropped out of care.

These MAPs are normally only available in our highly acclaimed Chiropractic Marketing Dominator program but today they are yours free when you purchase the Making Money with Massage System.


If you can see how significantly The Ultimate Patient Recall & Reactivation Protocol will benefit your clinic... the only question now is “how much is this gonna set me back!?”

Well, considering the amount of time, experience and money it took to learn these systems and create this program, The Ultimate Recall & Reactivation Protocol would be an insane bargain at $499.

After all, preventing just 2 or 3 patients from slipping through the cracks or reactivating even just a few that already have would make this protocol well worth the price tag.

However, for this entire well organized and easy to follow video training, complete with fully transcribed and edited PDFs of each video that include pictures of every video frame, a complete Demo video of the entire protocol in action, all the reference materials you need, a free bonus section out of the Patients to Profits – Complete Chiropractic Success System and 3 MAP bonuses we have decided to set the price at $299 for the entire program. That’s a savings of 40%!

Simply click the red 'Get Access Now' button below and you are moments away from a prgram that could easily have the biggest positive impact on your patient numbers and income of anything else you have tried...EVER!

And you're getting it for $200 off the regular price

along with over $270 in bonus training thrown in!

[By clicking above you will be transferred to a secure online order form where you will gain instand access to all the videos, transcripts and reference materials in our exclusive online membership site. So that we may extend you the lowest possible price on this practice changing system, this is a digital product and you will not receive physical DVDs in the mail]

It’s all here, everything you need to have this schedule fattening system in place and making you money by tomorrow.

I’M ACTUALLY NOT KIDDING!... Your staff can literally watch the first video while they have the schedule pulled up and follow along and start implementing this. Then they can pull up video 2 and do the same thing…clear through to the end!

Just like that and all the while you are seeing patients while I’m doing the training.

AND you have access to the entire protocol at 40% off.

When you think about how competitive it is in our industry and how many chiropractors are closing their doors and just accepting their fate, you quickly realize how critical it is to retain the patients you have and reactivate those that have dropped out of care.

Please keep in mind that this IS a Time Sensitive Offer and that there is a Money Back Guarantee.

Click the ‘Get Access Now' button below to get started. The sooner you implement The Ultimate Patient Recall & Reactivation Protocol in your clinic the sooner you will be on your way to keeping active patients on the books and getting inactive patients back in the door!

By clicking the button to the right, you will be taken to a secure purchase page where you can get The Ultimate Patient Recall & Reactivation Protocol for a special price of only $299 (note: if this program is sold out at this price link will be forwarded to a $499 check-out page)

And don’t forget about the special bonuses you’ll receive and all at this special introductory price.

Act now so you… Scratch that I mean “I” can get your staff trained on this powerful protocol that will jam a cork in the leaky bucket once and for all!

To your success!

Daron Stegall, DC

DISCLAIMER:  This is a limited time offer. SuccessfulChiro and Patients to Profits has the right to raise the price back to the already great value of just $499 at any time. Click the red button above to see if the special offer pricing is still available. There is no physical product to wait on as you will gain instant access to our exclusive online membership.