Using Google Places Page Updates to Promote Your Business

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If you are taking the time to watch this video, then you know doubt understand the importance of having a strong chiropractic internet marketing presence for your business.
Keep in mind that the only way ‘google place page updates’ are going to help you is if people are actually landing on your page.

And while some prospective patients might find you by searching for your clinic name specifically, most will find it by doing a search for a chiropractor in your town.
So bottom line is that updates on your page are only effective if you are getting found in a search.  A successful online campaign to improve your search engine rankings is definitely an endeavor worth learning about and handling yourself or paying someone to help you with or handle for you.

As always, if you have questions for me….don’t be a afraid to ask. We are all chiropractors, we all have the same goal and I am hear to help you.
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Dr. D


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