It’s easy to believe your customers utilize your office for reasons like convenient hours, a lower price point, location, taking their insurance and other perceived benefits to patronizing your specific facility.

The reality is this is not the reality.

Your office should strive to market the ‘benefits’ and ‘features’ of your office that will capture the eye of the consumer and stimulate a call to action – i.e. schedule an appointment.  

This may include billboarded bullets such as…

  • Safe
  • Licensed
  • Affordable
  • Gentle
  • Convenient hours
  • Insurance accepted
  • No insurance needed
  • Evening hours
  • Open weekends
  • Latest technology

…to name a few.

Without over promising or cheapening the profession, promoting your practice with the benefits of choosing your office can have a great impact on driving new customers through the door.

But what makes a person stay with your office for years is something different entirely.

People stay with you for you.

You will hear consultants touting that they can teach you how to build a practice that will run without you.

It’s true you can… As long as you have another YOU that can step in and be YOU.

The chiropractor doesn’t have to be you exactly. but you can not have all your protocols and scripts in place and then have a guy or girl that people intuitively don’t trust, don’t vibe with or just flat out doesn’t have a good personality, and expect people to stay.

They won’t stay and won’t say a thing on their way out.

They will disappear.

Whether you like it or not, you are the biggest component of your successful brand and then, to a lesser degree, your staff comprises the second biggest factor.

An affordable price point, convenience, being on their insurance panel, and great office flow are just a bonus.

The Quality of their Experience is why they stay regardless of why they came.

Work on YOU, Work on the STAFF, Work on how you impact your customers from a value standpoint (i.e. was the Value of the experience worth the money and time spent to get it?).

All the other awesome parts of your practice will take care of the rest.

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