Life can be a challenge.

And, in my opinion, especially for a chiropractor.

After all we are coupling a passion to spread the real message about ‘how to be healthy’ to a population that is trying to use us for a quick neck and back pain fix all while trying to get paid for our services, train staff, juggle personalities of patients and employees, get more new patients through the door and a whole host of daily ‘to dos’ that never cease.

Add all the practice factors in with personal stressors like health issues and financial burdens and finding happiness can be a tough mountain to climb.

Nevertheless, it can be done… the balance can be found with a little effort.

Try using the tips below to help get your headspace to a happier place.

Never Compare Yourself to Others

Live your life based on your values, morals and efforts being careful not to self-judge based on the perceived successes of others.

A modern problem came with the popularity of social media – the ability to access a quick glimpse into the lives of others.

Online forums provide a simple platform through which you can share and keep up with family, friends, those you are curious about and of course people you are flat out obsessed with (you know who you are). However, I caution you to guard your mind when reading posts to avoid falling into the trap of comparing your life to the perceived life of other people.

It doesn’t take long to stumble onto another chiropractor’s highlight reel. Just remember that what they share is typically just that… the highlight reel. The reality is that they have just as many highs, lows and challenges as anyone else lurking behind their well-crafted trailer.

More than likely, everyone you know, follow or stalk has just as much crap happening behind the scenes as you do – and considering their cries for approval… probably more.


Make a Plan

While many chiropractors plan but never do, others will just go and go and go with no idea where they’re going and no plan on how to get there.

It has taken me years of coaching with many of my clients before they really developed the skills and habits of creating a plan to direct their desire.

Chasing your tail results in getting less done and more stress trying to do it.

To make sure each day is primed for success, take time for yourself to plan the week and then meet with your family on Sunday to make sure everyone is on the same page for what is coming up over the next 7 days.

Get with the staff a set day every week to review where you are with monthly stats and refine any set goals to keep you on track for the month.

Trying to cut a path to happiness with a dulled blade just will not work. Stopping to sharpen the saw by getting organized will keep you moving forward on the least resistive path towards a smooth, successful life.


Take Action

While a select few will just get after it without a plan in place, the majority will plan but never execute.

This is the easily the most happiness sabotaging mistake you can make.

Most will plan to exercise, eat better, get adjusted, update software, start having staff meetings, clean the office, train the employees, and on and on – but they will never really do it.

If you identify with this type of person, chances are you’re stressed because you are putting things off.

To help get you going look at it from this angle…

Laying down to rest at the end of a long productive day feels so much better than retiring for the day feeling stressed out because you put off 5 or 6 action items that now must be carried over to the next day.

Whether it’s running errands or running around the block… take action.

One of the greatest mistakes any person can make is saddling up and not riding.

Planning is not doing and unfortunately many a practice has failed at the hand of a chiropractor that had great intentions.

The goal should be to go home every night exhausted but satisfied in the ‘action’ you took that day.

I’m willing to bet you will be much more content and happy in all aspects of your life.

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