Most docs can easily imagine the ideal type of patient they would prefer to comprise their particular practice. Some want athletes. Others want personal injury, others want a pediatric patient base, and so on.

Regardless of the ‘patient type’ you consider to be ideal for your practice, there are a couple of quality characteristics we all want as part of our ideal patient.

1. A patient that shows up and shows up on time for the appointment they committed to

2. A patient that understands the importance of maintaining their health and will gladly pay for it (whether covered by insurance or not)

And it is in this desire and expectation of attracting a base of patients that share these quality characteristics that necessitates US as the business owners and providers to adopt it first!

Whatever you want in an ideal patient you must have in yourself first 

It took me years to realize I could not expect my family, friends or patients to behave in a way I myself did not adhere to.
Furthermore… I will never attract patients with the characteristics I desire if I do not first exhibit those same characteristics in my own life.

That’s the #1 key to attracting your ideal patient.

If you want patients that show on time… make sure you show on time for everything you and your family attend. Whether it’s a party or appointment, don’t be late.

If you want patients that ‘buy’ into getting their spine checked twice a month… make sure you are getting your spine checked twice a month.

If you want patients that pay for their care because they see the value… make sure you pay for services and products that you value.

A good case in point is when I had my car washed at the office a few weeks ago. Seeing more than 1400 visits a month in my new Express Chiropractic maintenance care clinic model (which I created to attract my desired patient base – maintenance patients getting their spines checked at least twice a month) requires a fair amount of time in the office. Because of that I decided I wanted someone to come wash and detail my car at the office so I can check that off my list of ‘stuff’ to do.

The remote detailer enthusiastically explained my options from a simple wash to a full detailing. I selected the full detailing and he then asked if I wanted him to also wash the engine block.

I asked why I would want that. He responded with “well has it ever been done?”

I responded “No, I don’t believe it has.”

His response – “Well doc it’s a good idea to do every year to maintain the health of your engine.”


How can I argue? If I am going to preach maintenance chiropractic care as the key to keeping the body running optimally then I must set the example by using the power of maintenance in all facets of my life?

Being congruent in your own life with the characteristics of patients your want to attract into your practice is step number one to attracting patients who share that same value.

Whether it’s getting your teeth cleaned consistently, eating a healthy diet daily, exercising faithfully, getting adjusted regularly or even just showing on time to everything you commit to, do it regardless of the cost or extra time required.

Building your ideal practice begins with the habits you create for yourself and your family. Begin within and it will stimulate the Universe to create the practice you desire.

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