As you are venturing into 2016, take a close look at 3 pillars of the practice.

1. Staff performance

2. Office performance

3. Patient opinion

PATIENTS: Get an idea of how patients view your office through an online survey. Ask no more than 10 questions. The info you gain is invaluable. Use your email management application (iContact, etc) or Survey Monkey to create and manage the survey.

STAFF: Have team members do a self-assessment or review. What they will tell you about themselves and their work performance will surprise you and open the door to discussing it without friction. I tell owners to first find a point to ‘disagree’ on that the staff person feels they are weak at. Tell them, “I don’t agree with that… I think you are strong at that aspect of your job and here is why…” This gets the ball rolling in a positive direction and you can pick their ass apart from there (jk… be nice but firm and direct – this is your business and livelihood so keeping a friend is secondary).

OFFICE: Your corporation/office is a living entity. As such it is either growing or dying… it isn’t just statically existing. Which direction it is going is determined by your actions and staff performance (see above). Review stats comparing last year to the year before to ensure you grew in all major categories (patient visits, new patients, income per visit, total income, etc).

Also do an office audit to get an idea of how it is doing. From there, praise yourself and the team for the strengths and now buckle down and write out a plan to work on the weaknesses.

As a New Year free gift I uploaded a couple of forms I use in my offices to get you started. Add your office name and logo and edit them to fit your office and even practice philosophy.



Hope that helps get you pointing towards prosperity for the new year.

Dr. D

FINAL THOUGHT: The value of your service is dictated by the time and money spent to get it. If the customer believes (consciously or subconsciously) that the service you provide is no longer worth the time and money spent in your office they will fade away leaving only an excuse such as ‘its just to hard to get over here anymore’ in their wake.


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