Having graduated from Parker University back in 1995 when it was still Parker College of Chiropractic, I have since forgotten a few and perhaps even abandoned many of the Parker Principles that were an integral part of my Principle Picturechiropractic college education.

Recently I decided to revisit a few of them to see which I might still connect with and be able to apply to my current business model.

The results surprised me so I thought it was worth sharing in case you find some benefit for your own practice and staff – or just maybe your life in general.

If it is to be, it is up to me: I start with this one because of how it can apply to all areas of practice and life. Interestingly enough, it has different meaning to me than it did 10 years ago. Back then I had many practices and my focus was on taking the ‘ownership’ role of ensuring the success of my offices.

As I have gotten older… the meaning has changed as I begin to focus more on the health of my profession as much or more than my own offices.

What does it mean to you?

Loving Service, my first technique: If there is any once piece of advice I could give a struggling chiropractor or doctor just starting out, it would be that despite all the noise in the profession, if you love your patients and take care of them by honestly putting their needs before your own, you will likely find success in all areas of practice.

Perhaps another way to explain the importance of this practice approach is with another principle that says… ‘Develop a compassion to serve that is greater than the compulsion to survive.’

When you put ‘service through chiropractic’ ahead of the ‘compulsion to survive’ it will soothe the anxiety that often accompanies a new or struggling practice.

Do not let the negative few overrule the positive many: Being a chiropractor can at times prove to be a bit of a ‘beat down.’ With negative experiences such as claim denials, a patient calling in saying their medical doctor said they shouldn’t be seeing a chiropractor to the unrest we have within our own profession, sometimes it can seem like this profession is more trouble than its’ worth which can lead to burnout.

My best advice is to stick close to your philosophy. If you aren’t sure what your philosophy is as it relates to your practice and personal life, develop it. Make it your #1 priority to get that done this week before anything else.

By defining your philosophy and sharing it with your staff, spouse, patients and anyone else integral to the success of your practice, you will get a renewed sense of purpose and passion for chiropractic.

I cannot communicate successfully and efficiently what I do not own: Chiropractic is not a profession… it is a commitment to caring for your community in a manner that is bigger than your practice. Considering that the average person sees chiropractic care as a potential quick fix for back and neck pain, it is up to you and me to understand and be able to communicate chiropracTIC to the people we serve.

You will only accomplish this by continually striving to improve your own understanding of chiropractic while refining your ability to explain it to patients in your office and people your meet.

A great adjustment without adequate education is a great disservice to our patients and profession.

Take time each week to learn more about chiropractic. Dive into the research and philosophy that is selflessly distributed by so many of the research pioneers and philosophical leaders in our profession.

Not only will it change your practice but over time change the way our misguided society thinks about health and healing.

When my mom was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease (by a chiropractor after it was misdiagnosed by 4 medical providers) while I was still in Chiropractic College, she said to me “Son, don’t ever lose your health because once you do all the other worries seem miniscule in nature.”

We have been blessed (and sometimes cursed) with a gift for delivering chiropractic care – something that can literally change the world we live in.

Own it proudly and explain it loudly and just maybe someday it will be placed on the pedestal where it deserves to sit.


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