The more patients that ‘get it’ when it comes to wellness chiropractic care, the better you are able to build a healthier community through regular care and the less you need to go out and find new patients.


Since most new patients come in with pain, shoving ‘Wellness and Maintenance’ down their throat on visit one can come a cross a bit pushy on the doctors part and down right confusing for the patient.

Use this tip as a way to introduce a new patient to the idea of improving quality of life through chiropractic rather than just using it as an occasion tool for relief of pain – and all without it being uncomfortable or awkward.




The entire tip hinges on making sure a new patient(s) is within ear shot of an existing patient while they are getting care (for example, sitting near your treatment table waiting for care or even receiving a different therapy nearby).

This Tip is why I am a big proponent of open adjusting bays with more than one patient in the area at a time.

If you have closed rooms, you can modify this tip and do it while walking a patient towards the front office to get checked out or virtually at any other time they are near a new or newer patient in your office.

Once you have it structured in your office so that the new patient can hear, you will ask one simple question to the existing patient:

“I know you have had incredible pain relief since starting care but tell me… what other improvements you have noticed since we started adjusting your spine regularly hear at the office?”

Getting beyond pain and into sleep improvement, more energy, improved mood and the whole host of other changes that patients will answer with helps the new patient begin to understand chiropractic is more than pain relief.

By quickly engaging in this conversation with an existing patient (usually during the adjustment so you don’t spend too much time) that you know has experienced great improvements in quality of life will help the new patient hearing it begin to understand chiropractic is so much more than pain relief – but without you having to try to convince them that if they stick to it they too will realize these benefits.

Selling patients on ‘quality of life improvements through regular chiropractic care’ can be a tough sell.

We are not Crisis Care doctors – sure we do some at a less complex level but really MDs are crisis care. We are Quality of Life Doctors. The more your patients begin to hear that on their own without you trying to convince them, the more they will believe it to be true.

– Dr. Daron Stegall

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