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Whether it is in your personal or professional life, the reality of attaining success is largely just a numbers game.numbers_id-100273308

For us chiropractors, as it relates to the success of our chiropractic office, the numbers break down like this:

  1. How many new patients can you get through the door so they can experience chiropractic
  2. How many of those new patients can you ‘process’ through their patient consultation and report of findings so that they will understand the importance of starting chiropractic care
  3. How many of those that start care in your office will be educated throughout the course of care so that as the pain fades they are left with an understanding of the importance of continuing wellness care for life

So… in a nutshell, the more you advertise (smartly), the more events you attend and basically the more you get in front of people’s eyes and ears, the more people you will get into your office. You can not over market. At my Express Chiropractic locations we market non-stop even though we are seeing thousands of patients per month and average 90 new patients a month – we are still out there making sure people know who we are. We may slow it down when we are just too busy but all and all, we do not take our success for granted and nor should you.

Then, once these patients are in the door your systems should take over for on-boarding new patients and how they are processed by the front office as well as for how the doctor (and CAs) explains chiropractic to the new patients. The front office systems and back office systems should then drive every visit into the future just as they drove the first.

So then the big question for most offices is…

How are your systems?

Most successful chiropractic offices operate from a principle I call Systems Based Service. Dr. Troy Counselman and I have been preaching the importance of using these systems for more than 15 years.

Systems Based Service means you are a service business that is operating 100% from proven Protocols and Scripts. If they are weak, its time to get them dialed in before the new year sets in. If I could advise you on even just one 2017 practice growth strategy it is to find or create systems (protocols and scripts) and begin to run your office from these systems.

Through a systems based services office you will create predictability for how the office will run for you, the staff and the patients creating a smoother, more efficient machine that can see more patients and deliver a better standard of care and service.


-Daron Stegall, DC –


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