The Philosophy – Success Connection

A rough definition of Business Philosophy is a set of beliefs that a company strives to work towards. For small business owners this is the road map – with defined guidelines included – you will [...]

The Most Common New Doctor Mistake

As a chiropractor for 20 years I can tell you that chiropractic will never cease to amaze you and it will never get old. Nevertheless, many new doctors sell themselves, their service and the [...]

Attracting Your Ideal Patients

Most docs can easily imagine the ideal type of patient they would prefer to comprise their particular practice. Some want athletes. Others want personal injury, others want a pediatric patient [...]

The Forgotten Marketing

When working with chiropractors, one of the first questions I often ask is “What are you selling in your clinic?” The initial response is something like “chiropractic care,” “the best care in [...]

How to Get the Best Advertising Deal

With the impending opening of our latest clinic and new chiropractic concept (I’ll share more details with you about it in a few months), I stumbled onto something that I felt needed to be [...]

3 Keys to Profiting with Massage

In our current healthcare environment I am getting more and more phone calls and emails from chiropractors who are feeling the economic Massage Girlcrunch and looking for a way to expand their [...]